a begging being


Adam McEwen

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Jan van Huysum - Hollyhocks and Other Flowers in a Vase (detail)

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If I create a piece of performance that is designed to make people uncomfortable/hate it, people will still come and like it and hug me.


MFA Theatre Performance, Arizona State University

"Asking for It: The Consent Project. The socially engaged dramaturgy of a solo performance installation. www.chelseapace.com/askingforit/

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Ghost photographs


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I’m going to try staying off tumblr/internet/technology for a while because I feel very distant from myself. we’ll see how this goes, but hopefully you won’t see posts from me until ~the middle of may. (maybe I’ll add stuff to my queue, maybe not. idk.)

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ahh but this song always always makes me hyper-aware of what’s happening and I hate it so much because it reminds me of dumb times, but I also love it because I can live in those dumb times for ~4 more minutes

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